2012 BP Teacher of Excellence program

“This award recognizes how teachers inspire their students, and I must thank the teachers who I have had in my life.”

 –Mr. Sean Campbell, 2012 Kenai BP Teacher of the Year

20120518_HL_BP_Teachers_1 Sean Campbell, Kenai BP Teacher of the Year

Mr. Sean Campbell, a teacher from Homer High School, was named Kenai Peninsula BP Teacher of the Year at the 17th Annual BP Teachers of Excellence awards held at the Peninsula Conference Center in Soldotna, Alaska. Campbell, who teaches English and language arts, will receive a $1,500 scholarship for continuing education.

He is among more than thirty Alaska teachers honored as a BP Teacher of Excellence. The BP Teachers of Excellence program was expanded this year and opened to all Alaska school districts. The statewide program attracted more than 1,400 nominations.

20120518_HL_BP_Teachers_2 Dr. Gee accepts Kenai BP Teacher of the Year award on behalf of Mr. Sean Campbell

Mr. Campbell was unable to attend the celebration, and provided written remarks for Dr. Allen Gee, Homer High School principal to share. He wrote, “Regretfully, I cannot attend tonight’s celebration. However, I would like to thank those who have allowed me to be here today. 

First, BP, for coordinating such an event and for recognizing the value of education in our society, and the role that teachers play in this process. 

I would like to also thank the families I have had a chance to work with in Homer; the value that they place on education is tremendous. They support their children, our community and me each day that they talk to their children about what we are reading, what we are writing about, what we are discussing, and what their children think about. These conversations, this process of sharing of stories, reminds their kids that what we do in school is important, that their education is important for the ubiquitous future, as well as the profound now. Through the sharing of stories, we begin to understand ourselves and one another better.

20120518_HL_BP_Teachers_3 Shellie Worsfold - BP Teacher of Excellence

This award recognizes how teachers inspire their students, and I must thank the teachers who I have had in my life. Their names, their faces, and their lessons flood my thoughts; it was through their guidance, their challenge, their encouragement that I sought out further knowledge. Furthermore, two particular teachers, two mentors, tremendously influenced where I am today: Crag Hill and Eric Waltenbaugh. Both of who inspired me to inspire my students.


Finally, I would like to thank my students. Clichés about teenagers abound; they are oftentimes pigeonholed, misunderstood, or even feared. However, my experience with my students over the past seven years has been just the opposite. Their thirst for understanding is bold. Their willingness to listen, to consider, to adapt, to question, and to change is truly inspiring. Sometimes I am asked why I teach high school students, and I can truly think of no better job in the world. I get to fill my days reading profound literature and discussing it with my students in a dynamic fashion. I get to help my students see that their words can be both beautiful and powerful. I get to create, to think, to laugh, to question, and to learn every single day. This truly is inspiring, and it is because of my students that I have a wonderful job.” 

20120518_HL_BP_Teachers_4 Teacher's Pet

Four Kenai Peninsula Borough teachers are honored as 2012 BP Teachers of Excellence

Sean Campbell teaches English literature and language arts at Homer High School.
He encourages interaction between his students and the community. Campbell’s AP literature class conducted a read-a-thon to raise money to support education for girls in India. His class outreach trips also help students learn about career opportunities.

Melissa Cloud teaches fourth grade at West Homer Elementary School. She helps her students gain hands-on learning experience. Students learned about public speaking by telling stories to students in kindergarten and first grade.

Patrick Nolden teaches biology and health at Soldotna High School. He uses a digital notebook, complete with labs and You Tube videos, to help students understand challenging lessons. His health classes include guest speakers from the local police and experts on bullying. Nolden also coaches hockey and track at Soldotna High.

Shellie Worsfold teaches fourth grade at West Homer Elementary School. She credits parent involvement as being critical to her success in the classroom. Worsford believes that outdoor education and hands-on experiences allow her students to get the most out of lessons and learn about leadership skills.

20120518_HL_BP_Teachers_5 Welcome Committee

“BP is proud to recognize these Alaska educators, who invest their time and talents in their students,” said Phil Cochrane, Vice President of External Affairs, BP Exploration (Alaska). “These are the teachers who will make a lasting impact on the next generation of Alaskans and make our communities better places live and raise our families.”

Each BP Teacher of Excellence receives a $500 gift card and an award certificate. In addition, the teacher’s school receives a matching $500. Sean Campbell, the Kenai Peninsula teacher who was chosen as BP’s Kenai Peninsula Teacher of the Year received a $1,500 scholarship for continuing education and a bronze sculpture by Alaska artist Mary Regat.