2011-2012 Annual Report


KPBSD: Today’s schools educating for tomorrow

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District celebrates accomplishments, highlights, and our many areas of excellence as thirty thousand printed copies of the 2011-2012 Annual Report make their way into homes, schools, and businesses. Nearly 9,000 students begin classes in August together with more than 1,200 dedicated employees who work in forty-three school sites. 


The Annual Report is online, in full color. Click to view entire Annual Report and the rest of the stories and photographs: Annual Report

Highlights include:

Superintendent’s Welcome

School Board

Where Kids Come First

ASAA Sports

Teaching with Innovation and Collaboration

Student Stories

Effective Instruction

Educating for Tomorrow


Straight-up Facts


“When I think back to all that happened last year, I am overwhelmed by the many positives. From students being recognized for their academic achievement to teams winning championships in both academics and sports, to teachers being awarded for their excellence, it was clearly a good year for KPBSD. These successes reflect our staff’s and stakeholders’ intense dedication to our students.” – Dr. Steve Atwater, superintendent


“Recipient of the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, Stephanie Cronin is one of two educators from the state of Alaska, and one of 97 in the nation who was recognized in Washington, DC, in June, 2012. In a press release, President Obama said: ‘These teachers are the best of the best, and they stand as excellent examples of the kind of leadership we need in order to train the next generation of innovators and help this country get ahead.’ Cronin is a mathematics teacher at Seward High School.

“Currently, our system and process of implementation has become a model that the state is reviewing for application across Alaska. KPBSD has taken the lead in setting the example of adult collaboration and providing a transparent, research based evaluation system designed to improve student learning through high quality instruction.”


“In upcoming years, secondary students will have an opportunity to focus on their Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways and career clusters. Utilizing SB 84 funding, KPBSD will ensure that students district-wide think beyond high school graduation and develop their own Personal Learning and Career Plan (PLCP). Each student’s PLCP will utilize the Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) electronic portfolio to plan education and potential careers, offering students the necessary tools for a successful future.”

“More than three quarters—77 percent—of the General Fund budget is spent on salaries and benefits. About 12% of that 77% is a payment made by the state of Alaska on behalf of the school district to pay down part of the unfunded liability in the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) retirement accounts. To comply with accounting requirements, this payment is reflected on school district financial statements both as revenue and expenditure. TRS and PERS on-behalf payments are made by the state for all participants in the programs and are scheduled to continue for 20 years.”


“It is the goal, and the purpose, of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District to provide the most comprehensive and fiscally responsible education experience that we can. Our job, as the Board of Education, is to see to it that the elements are in place: from the employees in the classroom, district office and all other ancillary services, to the infrastructure necessary to safely and comfortably provide a positive learning experience. Each year it is my privilege to watch this huge machine awaken in August to prepare for the coming year—and then my pleasure to watch it run all year delivering the services necessary for the children of our community.” – Joe Arness, school board president

Each school day, more than 2,500 students are transported a total of 7,725 miles on school buses throughout the school district.

KPBSD: One district, forty-three diverse schools


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