KPBSD physical education: Speed Strength Training (SST)


On October 17, 2012, Kenai Central High School hosted the second annual SST contest. Kenai Central High School, Skyview High School, and Nikiski High School took part in the event. More than 80 student athletes took part in the evening’s challenges.

During the SST contest, students participated in five events. The events were the 40 Yard Dash, I Test, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, and FGB (Fight Gone Bad). 

The 40 Yard Dash measures speed and acceleration, the I Test measures side to side quickness and agility, the Vertical Jump measures explosiveness and leaping ability, the Broad Jump measures lower body power explosiveness and body control, and FGB measures endurance in the muscular system and mental toughness.  


Students could sign up for two events. Scoring was based on first through eighth place finishers. Times and distances were used to determine place finishers. All students competing are in the SST program in one of the three high schools and meet activity eligibility requirements. 

The competition goals are to celebrate student achievement, performance levels, good sportsmanship, and to be a positive reinforcement for students. 

First Place Winners:

  • 11-12 Boys 40’s, Stephen Hartley, Nikiski, 4.56
  • 11-12 Girls 40’s, Taylor Calderwood, Nikiski, 5.32 
  • 9-10 Boys 40’s, Tim Duke, Skyview, 4.65 
  • 9-10 Girls 40’s, Rachel Thompson, Nikiski, 5.3 

  • 11-12 Boys Standing Broad Jump, Seth Carstens, Nikiski, 9’1.5 
  • 11-12 Girls Standing Broad Jump, Marlee Cunningham, Skyview, 7’2.25 
  • 9-10 Boys Standing Broad Jump, Luke Johnson, Nikiski, 8’3.25 
  • 9-10 Girls Standing Broad Jump, Kiana Harding, Kenai, 7’5.5 


  • 11-12 Boys Vertical, Grayden Mendenhall, Kenai, 35 
  • 11-12 Girls Vertical, Taylor Calderwood, Nikiski, 25 
  • 9-10 Boys Vertical, Michael Tilly, Kenai, 32 
  • 9-10 Girls Vertical, Kiana Harding, Kenai, 24 

  • 11-12 Boys I Test, Garrett Feller, Nikiski, 4.16 
  • 11-12 Girls I Test, Baily Buchholz, Nikiski, 4.75 
  • 9-10 Boys I Test, Justin West, Skyview, 4.29 
  • 9-10 Girls I Test, Rachel Thompson, Nikiski, 4.68 


  • 11-12 Boys Fight Gone Bad, Nate Mole, Kenai, 13 
  • 11-12 Girls Fight Gone Bad, Sarah Rawson, Kenai, 13 
  • 9-10 Boys Fight Gone Bad, Austin Craig, Skyview, 13 
  • 9-10 Girls Fight Gone Bad, Hannah Barcus / Beverly Schindler, Kenai, 11 


Jeff Baker from Kenai Central High School was the announcer and building host for the evening. Eric Pomerleau from Skyview High School was the scorer and event administrator. Ted Riddall from Nikiski Middle-High School was the floor supervisor. All three teachers have been collaborating through the SST program over the past few years and work hard together to highlight physical education in their respective schools and communities. 


  • “The SST competition was an exciting method to showcase our new, rigorous PE curriculum. The kids worked extremely hard and had a lot of fun, which is what we want with all of our subjects. They are seeing real results of their work and it definitely has come together because teachers are working together to get better at implementing the curriculum. I am looking forward to more schools participating in this and also using technology to work together during the day like what is happening between KCHS, Nikiski, and Skyview. Great work!” – Sean Dusek, assistant superintendent instructional services 


  • “The night was awesome, seeing the high performance level in each kid was incredible. Can’t believe how much the kids are getting out of the SST program.” – Dan Carstens, principal Nikiski Middle-High School 

  • "It is clear from seeing all the competitors that they are having fun and have bought into pushing themselves further then they had thought they could go, especially when you watch the FGB event.” – Ted Riddall, physical educator Nikiski High School 


  • “Seeing kids competing in a healthy and positive competition was inspiring.” – Jim Coburn, head custodian, Nikiski High School  

  • “The energy and excitement displayed by all the schools created a great environment! I think it is awesome that the three schools can come together like this and provide a productive positive experience for the kids! As a track coach it was fun to be a timer for the 40’s competition. Great job!” – Rob Sparks, educator, Skyview High School 


March 12, 2012 SST competition story

Thank you to Ted Riddall (Nikiski) for providing the photographs and story. 


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