Art in the Capitol

2013_03_19_HL_Art in the Capitol_1

“The art is a ray of sunshine that helps us remember why we’re here, as well as the importance and support of folks back home.” –Senator Micciche

KPBSD students of every age create vibrant art. When Senator Peter A. Micciche, District O, arrived in his new legislative office in Juneau, Alaska, he contacted the school district with a request: student artwork to display in his office.

Second grade students from Redoubt Elementary were the first to participate. Ms. Gomez explains, “Art plays a big part in our learning. Each month the students learn about a new artist. We study the color, lines, texture, shapes, and content of each artist to look for similarities and differences between their pieces and those of other artists. We then recreate our own renditions of paintings done by that artist. We have done renditions of Monet's "Magpie," Picasso's "faces," and "Lighthouse's" done by Maud Lewis which we sent to Juneau.”

Second grade students share their thoughts about creating art to be displayed in the Senator’s office:

  • “I feel so happy that the senator is letting us put our artwork up in Juneau.” –Jordan
  • “I’m excited my painting is in Juneau.” –Camren
  • “I am happy that I got to send my artwork to the senator.” –Angel
  • “I was so happy when my teacher said we were going to send our artwork to Juneau because I am proud of it.” –Sydney
  • “The artwork was delicate and hard to make.” –Regan
  • “I like to give people things I make.” –Amaura
  • “I feel very happy because I have never had a piece of art put up in Juneau before.” –Violet
  • “The project was very difficult but fun to make.” –Kali
  • “It was super hard to make, but good it went to the senator.” –Drew
  • “I want to say thank you to the senator for putting up our art in Juneau.” –Marina
  • “I feel great that my art went to Juneau. We had to make the lighthouse out of paper and paint.” –Matthew
  • “I was so excited to do art that I messed up my first painting and had to start over.” –JD
  • “I felt so happy that the senator asked to have kid’s art up in Juneau.” –Katelyn
  • “I feel super happy because I had never had this happen before.” –Charlie
  • “I feel so happy that our art is there in Juneau.” –Abby

Senator Micciche said, “I thank the students of the KPBSD for the artwork currently gracing our Senate office in Juneau. The art is a ray of sunshine that helps us remember why we’re here, as well as the importance and support of folks back home. This week we have art proudly displayed by Sohi students Juliet Bremonte, Xochi Harbison, Brielle Saul and Jessica Jackson. Last week we were honored to have displayed art from Ms. Gomez’s Redoubt Elementary second grade class. Thank you to all the artists! You have no idea how much your art means to us and we appreciate you helping to represent the district with your talent!”

To date, three schools have sent student art to Juneau, and we will continue to share art from our schools throughout each legislative session.