High School Physical Education: Speed Strength Training (SST)


High School Physical Education: Speed Strength Training (SST)
The third annual Speed, Strength, Training (SST) contest between Kenai Central High School (KCHS), Nikiski Middle-High School, and Skyview High School took place in Nikiski on March 27, 2013. The three schools competed for the traveling trophy—each school has won the trophy one time over the past three year period. Students have discovered the benefits of the SST program and continue to increase in the areas of strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, explosiveness, quickness, and mental toughness as is shown in the event, Fight Gone Bad (FGB).

The SST physical education program is focused on developing fitness and strengthening the entire body. Each student works to improve their personal best every day in class and can also compare themselves to national norms of age and body weight in the categories of squat, clean, snatch, front squat, vertical, broad jump, 40 yard sprint, I test, and the medicine ball toss. Eric Pomerleau from Skyview High School helped start the SST program on the Kenai Peninsula and has assisted in developing the program for KPBSD schools. His experience and knowledge of the program has been vital in helping the program to grow in the three KPBSD high schools. Jeff Baker from KCHS has worked closely with Pomerleau to help develop the collaboration process between the three schools and provided the support that the program needs for continual development. His work with kids has been inspiring. Ted Riddall from Nikiski Middle-High School assisted both Pomerleau and Baker with the program and continues to grow in the process of challenging kids to reach their full potential.

The SST program provides the opportunity to highlight the student efforts in the way of the SST Competition. Students compete in the fall with the running component. It includes the broad jump, vertical jump, 40 yard dash, I test, and FGB (Fight Gone Bad). In the spring, students compete with the lifting component, including the squat, clean, snatch, and FGB. Students compete against their age group (11-12 Boys, 11-12 Girls, 9-10 Boys, and 9-10 Girls). The winner of each group receives a Champion T-Shirt and the team with the most points takes the traveling trophy home with them. "The effort from the students participating in the competition over the past three years has been incredible," said Ted Riddall. "Some of the things they have done and are doing currently are amazing. Seeing their ability and effort has inspired us as teachers and coaches to get in better shape. Some are actually doing the SST program before school every day. Great role modeling!"

20130329_HL_SST_Competition_2 First Place Winners:
  • 11-12 Boys Squats: Lincoln Johnson, Nikiski, 425
  • 11-12 Girls Squats: Katie Costello, Nikiski, 245
  • 9-10 Boys Squats: Daniel Evans, Kenai and Christian Riddall, Nikiski, 350
  • 9-10 Girls Squats: Cipriana Castellano, Kenai, 225
  • 11-12 Boys Cleans: Stephen Hartley, Nikiski, 285
  • 11-12 Girls Cleans: Taylor Calderwood, Nikiski and Cat Schoessler, Skyview, 145
  • 9-10 Boys Cleans: Christian Riddall, Nikiski, 255
  • 9-10 Girls Cleans: Beverly Schindler, Kenai and Hannah Barcus, Kenai, 125
  • 11-12 Boys Snatch: Gabe Holley, Skyview, 195
  • 11-12 Girls Snatch: Ashley Perry, Kenai, Taylor Calderwood, Nikiski, Madison White, Skyview, and Sidney Roumagoux, Skyview, 95
  • 9-10 Boys Snatch: Luke Johnson, Nikiski, 165
  • 9-10 Girls Snatch: Heidi Perkins, Kenai, 90
  • 11-12 Boys Fight Gone Bad: Jesse Ross, Nikiski, 616
  • 11-12 Girls Fight Gone Bad: Justice English, Kenai, 525
  • 9-10 Boys Fight Gone Bad: Travis Cooper, Kenai, 536
  • 9-10 Girls Fight Gone Bad: Beverly Schindler, Kenai, 43

Final Team Scores:

  • Kenai Central High School - 192.5, Nine individual champions
  • Nikiski Middle-High School - 158.3, Nine individual champions
  • Skyview high School - 141.3, Four individual Champions
Boys Results:
  • Nikiski - 107.5
  • Kenai - 79.5
  • Skyview - 69
Girls Results:
  • Kenai - 113.3
  • Skyview - 72.3
  • Nikiski - 51.3
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