KPBSD celebrates School Nurse’s Day

These numbers may surprise you!

 Fast facts: in April 2013, school nurses served an average of 518 students each day that students were in attendance. Staff and community visits are additional and were not included. In addition, the Noro-like virus hit Anchorage and some of our KPBSD schools, and spring sports were in full swing.

More specifically, nurses improved student time in the classroom with these interventions:

Total encounters and average per day, April 2013

  • Injury, First Aid assessment and treatment: 3,203 students; 149 daily average
  • Illness assessment and treatment: 4,351 students; 202.4 daily average
  • Mental health, behavioral, social support: 808 students; 37.6 daily average
  • Scheduled medications given: 1,345 students; 62.6 daily average
  • Scheduled procedures provided: 1,103 students; 51.3 daily average
  • Individual health education (class/groups not included): 327 students; 15.2 daily average

The result was a following return to class rates:

  • Illness—87.5%
  • Injury—98.4%
  • Mental, Behavioral Health—98.8%

And an overall return to class rate of 94.6%

Additionally, school nurses improved educational access with the following interventions:

  • Health Screenings: State mandated school entry requirements (TB tests, immunizations, physical exams) and scheduled health screenings including vision and hearing—4,314 students
  • Medication Administration: Total number of all doses given by nurses of scheduled, emergency and as-needed medications—3,229 doses or an average of 150.2 per day
  • Case Management: Including encounters with staff, parents, health care providers, community agencies about individual student health issues—4,091 or a daily average of 190.3.

These resulted in an average of 550.6 additional student encounters per day

These statistics are tracked in the State School Nurse Data Collection, yet there are many more things our school nurses do every day, from health classes to head lice checks and beyond.

“Thank you to all of our dedicated school nurses. In addition, our nurses were chosen to develop a streamlined standard and procedure for Alaska’s school districts to follow with regard to collecting body mass index (BMI) data,” said Dr. Steve Atwater. “The school district appreciates Ms. Naomi Walsworth, RN, BSN, Health Services Coordinator, and the thirty-three KPBSD nurses for continuing to be leaders in Alaska.”

Please let your nurse know that he or she is appreciated and valued as part of the KPBSD educational team helping our schools and students be successful!

Link: KPBSD Health Services