Take Your Child to School Week

A new school year is beginning! Parents, relatives, older brothers, sisters, and friends … will you walk, bike, drive, or ride to school with a K-12 student during the first week of school?

KPBSD schools begin Tuesday, August 19, 2014*, which is perfect timing to act on the proclamation by Governor Sean Parnell, making August 18 – 22, 2014, as Take Your Child to School Week in the state of Alaska.

"I am pleased to learn that the Governor is proclaiming next week as Take Your Child to School Week. The importance of parental involvement in children's education is well documented; let's use the proclamation as a motivation to recommit and to strengthen this involvement." – Dr. Steve Atwater, superintendent

Take Your Child to School Week

WHEREAS, Alaska's children are our greatest and most valuable resource, and their education is essential to the future of our great state; and

WHEREAS, the end of August marks the beginning of a new school year – a chance for families, school staff, and community groups to recommit themselves to supporting students as they continue to learn and grow; and

WHEREAS, studies indicate that when students feel supported, they tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and enjoy school more; and

WHEREAS, parental involvement plays a large role in a child's classroom success; research shows that students with engaged parents are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, enroll in higher level classes, stay enrolled in school, pass their classes, graduate, and go on to postsecondary education; and

WHEREAS, Alaskans and Alaskan schools are keenly aware of the importance of the family-school partnership in helping our children reach their full potential; and

WHEREAS, expanded and enhanced family engagement in schools across the state helps parents build positive relationships with school staff, connect with other families in the school environment, and feel like welcome members of a friendly school community; and

WHEREAS, as parents, guardians, and community members, let us set a strong example for each other, our children, and their teachers and schools, and demonstrate our involvement in our children's education throughout the school year. We can start by taking them back to school the first week of the school year.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sean Parnell, Governor of the State of Alaska, do hereby proclaim
August 18-22, 2014 as:

Take Your Child to School Week

in Alaska, and encourage parents, guardians, relatives of Alaska's schoolchildren, and community members to foster the learning, growth, and success of the children in their lives through continual encouragement, support, and engagement.

If you would like to volunteer in a KPBSD school, please complete a short, online Volunteer application. Click here.


*August 7, 2014: Voznesenka, Razdolna, and Kachemak Selo schools begin
*August 18, 2014: Port Graham, Nanwalek, and Nikolaevsk schools begin

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