Visual Feast: KPBSD Juried Student Art Show

The room was packed at the April 2, 2015, opening reception for the 26th annual juried art show. Middle school awards and high school awards were presented, and guests mingled, pausing to talk to artists, and feast on art in categories ranging from drawing, printmaking, functional ceramics, photography, sculpture, watercolor, and mixed media.

A big thank you to the KPBSD art teachers, student artists, and judges. The show will hang until April 30, 2015, at the Kenai Fine Arts Guild in Old Town Kenai, 816 Cook Street, Kenai, Alaska.

“I am so proud of all of the art students represented in the show,” said Andrea Eggleston, Skyview Middle School. “As an art teacher it is very difficult to choose pieces to represent our school. There are so many young artists working with amazing skills. All students whose work has made it to the show should feel honored even if they didn’t receive an award, the true honor is simply being selected for the show. They are truly representing their schools beautifully. I hope this show proves the amazing quality of our art programs at these schools. I would like to encourage administrators, parents, and community to not forget this and please continue to support our valuable classes.”

26th Annual KPBSD Juried Student Art Show – April 2, 2015


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Drawing / Monotone

Georgia West, SoHi

Lauren O’Brien, Nikiski

Bos Asimakopoulos, SoHi


Drawing / Colored

Lauren O’Brien, Nikiski

Marilynn Davis, Nikiski

Rebekah Weeks, KCHS


Mixed Media

Chloe Hass, SoHi

Delaney Jensen, Nikiski

Jairra Seidl-Carlstrom, KCHS



Tayalur Moore, Nikiski

Daisy Nelson, SoHi

Marilynn Davis, Nikiski



Kyra McCabe, SoHi

Rachel Thomas, SoHi

Kody Vaught, KAlt


Functional Ceramics

Lydia Thomas, Seward

Daisy Nelson, SoHi

Lindsay Floyd, KCHS



Mary Ramirez, Seward

Mariah Schloeman, KCHS

Ashlyn Branning, SoHi



Alexa Schmidt, Nikiski

Daisy Nelson, SoHi

Tristin Glonek, KAlt



Drew Peterson, KCHS

John Rodgers, Nikiski

Lea Schmidtbauer, KCHS



Kaylena Olson, SoHi

Raven Eppler, SoHi

Lea Schmidtbauer, KCHS



Kalei Biamonte, Nikiski

Claudia Calderon, Skyview

Laurel Glaves, Skyview



Darby McMillan, Skyview

Sally Hoagland, Skyview

Marlayna Saavedra, Skyview



Ester Frederickson, Skyview

Shaylyn Stroman, Nikiski

Tres Faucher, Skyview


Functional Ceramics

Darby McMillan, Skyview

Cloe Milbauer, Skyview

Andrew Wolverton, Nikiski



Jimmy Patrick, Nikiski

Rosalie Anderson, Nikiski

Trevor Mysing, Nikiski


Best of Show

Hannah Nusbaum, KCHS
Christopher Hogness, Skyview





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