KPBSD Golden Apple Award Recipients – November 2015

Patrick Dwyer, Educator
Golden Apple Award | November 2, 2015


"Mr. Patrick Dwyer is a positive educator who builds rapport with students and goes beyond the scope of his teaching duties when working with students," said Sarge Truesdell, Skyview Middle School principal. "He is an innovator in the classroom as well as in his duties as our athletic director and head track coach. He has been teaching science at the middle school for the past nine years. A positive staff member, he mentors young teachers and is creative when working toward complex problems in our large building of over 400 students, and more than 50 staff members."

In 2012, Mr. Dwyer co-created a sixth grade transition program for incoming students to the middle school. As a seventh grade science teacher, he recognized the challenges that incoming students had when transitioning from elementary school to middle school. The summer program has continued to grow serving over 20 students a year, despite shrinking resources. In the four years since Mr. Dwyer helped to create the program, it has served nearly 100 students. Mr. Dwyer has been able to work alongside one of his colleagues to continue to be responsive to the need of students despite limited time and funding.

An innovator, Mr. Dwyer not only developed the middle school transition program, but he has contributed on several district and statewide committees. This past summer he was part of a district-wide science collaboration that worked well into the summer break to find resources that matched the KPBSD science curriculum. Mr. Dwyer is a highly organized person and during his five years as the athletic director, he has put policies and procedures in place to make the athletic department more efficient. When Soldotna Middle School relocated and transitioned to become Skyview Middle School, he successfully transitioned the entire athletic department—including all the equipment and ordering of new uniforms. The ordering of uniforms was a daunting task as it required sizing, quotes, colors, numbers, and funding for every sport offered at the middle school.

Mr. Dwyer has his administrative degree and is the first person to volunteer to substitute in the office when the principal and vice principal are out of the building. Additionally, he has substituted in other KPBSD schools when an administrative substitute was not available. As a substitute principal, Mr. Dwyer can handle any situation that arises, keeps parents informed, and holds students accountable. "Mr. Dwyer is a work horse—he puts in the time that most other educators are just unwilling to put in," said Sarge Truesdell. "His vehicle can be found in the parking lot early in the morning and late at night. He can be seen setting up cross country running events, putting the flags on the soccer field, and rolling out the scorer's table for basketball games all throughout our athletic seasons. He does all of that while still planning and preparing for a full six class period day with multiple age and grade science classes. He demonstrates on a daily basis all of the personal and professional qualities of a powerful and dedicated educator."

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education is proud to recognize Mr. Patrick Dwyer for his dedication to the students of the school district, past, present, and future.
Mr. Patrick Dwyer, Golden Apple certificate, nominated by Sarge Truesdell, Skyview Middle School principal

Lisa Green, Community Member
Golden Apple Award | November 2, 2015


"If it needs done, Lisa Green is there to do it," said Doug Hayman, Tustumena Elementary School principal. "She does it with style, thoroughness, and the upmost attention to detail. A room parent and "Miss Lisa" to the students, she goes on every field trip with her children. Her level of commitment and involvement is unmeasurable. She is in our building at least one full day each week, but the work she gets done in that day exceeds anything one would normally expect. Her leadership is also appreciated. She recruits other parents for school events and field trips as well. She was instrumental in the completion of our school garden including the planting, and now harvesting, of our first crop of potatoes. Mrs. Green is always willing to work with small groups of children whether it is on a project or remedial instruction."

Mrs. Lisa Green volunteers at Tustumena Elementary nearly every day she has off from her regular work at Cadre Feed Store. Even when she is working at her regular job, she is functioning as a liaison between the school and the business community, gathering donations or arranging discounts for projects around the school. She has been a part of every PTO function or activity in the last seven years.

In addition to the PTO events, Mrs. Green helps every teacher—in any capacity that is requested. It doesn't matter if one of her children is in the classroom, she will laminate, prepare materials, make take-home booklets, tear out workbook pages, label supplies, and she makes extravagant bulletin boards throughout the school. She runs our Box Top store, organizes bake sales—including large contributions to the sales—and solicits items for the school Harvest Auction fundraiser.  

Lisa Green also takes on initiative projects. She has been the point person on professional development with our Vari-Quest machine (a fancy die-cut machine), and worked on our Schoolyard Habitat Project. She has taken the initiative to clean out and organize the school workroom, as well as contact a company representative when the Vari-quest machine was in need of repair.

Without doubt, Mrs. Green's service to Tustumena Elementary has benefited every member of the school community. From students, to teachers, from parents, to administration, Lisa Green is a go-to person and a value-add to the community.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education is proud to recognize Mrs. Lisa Green for her dedication to the students of the school district, past, present, and future.

Mrs. Lisa Green, Golden Apple certificate, nominated by Principal Douglas W. Hayman, on behalf of the Tustumena Elementary staff and community.


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