Nikiski North Star Elementary students speak up


My Class by Maggie Grenier

"Ok, let's say you got stuck like glue with a bad teacher. So you decided to escape and you flew into a beautiful classroom. Well that's what happened to me. This classroom is more than just great. It can't get any better and yet it DOES. Mrs. Baker is my math, reading, social studies, writing, language arts, and everything else teacher. I'm in here all day and it comes to my attention that it is not just my teacher, but my classmates teaching me. Every one of us has a talent. Maybe it's a heart for art like Leora or maybe you're just the genius himself, Nolan.  Whatever it is that makes you special you will figure it out in this classroom. You learn something new every day in every subject. Maybe it is about a friend, a city, or an animal. In this classroom, you never know what's coming. It is so exciting. Everyone in this class is so kind even when you wake up tired. It's just that simple it's a great class!"

Mystery Skype by Laim O'Brien

"Mystery Skype is a program that we sometimes do in social studies to learn about using maps. We skype with another class and we both have to guess what state each other is in. The first one we did, Mrs. Baker knew the other teacher because it was a practice one so we would know how to do it. We asked them questions and they answered. They also asked us questions. This class was from Soldotna, but who knows where the next class will be. Maybe Florida? Mystery Skype is awesome!"

Mysteries in our Lake by Mia Veile

"We go to the lake behind the school sometimes. We go looking for creatures. Creatures with no bones in their back which makes them invertebrates. They can wiggle just like us but are teeny tiny so they went through the nets. When I was looking in the pile of lake weed, I found a larva of a dragon fly. I let my partner, a third grader Ally, see it. We were looking for invertebrates to learn from them. Our project is studying biodiversity which is all the things that live in a habitat."


Crazy Hair by Leora McCaughey

"If you had a great teacher like mine, she probably did some things like we've done. Did you ever go on a salmon field trip? Or did you do science with macro invertebrates? Maybe you used movie maker or did mystery skype or read a book like How to Eat Fried Worms? Ever taken a virtual field trip? What about made crazy hair? Yep, I said crazy hair. Crazy hair is an art project you can make using wire, a foam ball, Popsicle stick and paper. We made our project over two weeks. First, we read the book Crazy Hair by Neil Gaimen. Then we did the project the next week. Debbie Harris did it with us. In fact, she taught it to us. So if you want an awesome teacher, you should ask her to do one of these projects like Mrs. Baker or Mrs. Harris!"

Art at School by Addison Stiers

"Hi, my name is Addison Stiers. In school I have been learning about art. We write about art each week. On Mondays, we talk about a piece of art. Then we write about it on Tuesday and Wednesday. On the next day we correct it and read it out loud to the class. I learned that art is shapes, but not just shapes. There is writing, coloring, and all sorts of stuff. These things are very important to art.  Art can be most anything. You can be really creative with art. You can throw a bucket of paint and make art that can sell for $5,000. Art is a big part of school. You can see it everywhere in school.  You can find it in math, reading, and science. You should try it sometime."


Macro invertebrates by Mylan Johnson

"Guess what? Did you know we went to the lake behind the school? We also took a field trip to Bishop's Creek. What we did was we sang a song about macro invertebrates. We went to the lake to collect macro invertebrates. Our whole class thought these days were super fun days for sure. What we learned with these projects was the bones in my back song. Another thing we learned was that if a lake has three flies: mayfly, stone fly, caddis fly, it is one of the healthiest bodies of water. We know this because these flies can only live in non-polluted water. The last thing we learned was the caddis fly makes a casing around itself to camouflage and for protection. ps: the song goes like this, "I've got no bones in my back. Don't you understand me? I'm an invertebrate. You can squishy squash me. You can squishy squash me. Worm."  

The Moldy Bread by Sam Yerkes

"One day, Mrs. Baker's fourth grade class decided to do an experiment on whether or not it is important to wash your hands. We took pieces of bread and put them in three plastic bags. One bag had bread that was not touched at all. The other two were touched one with washed hands and one with unwashed. In the end the unwashed had a bunch of mold, the washed had only tiny spots, and the controlled untouched bread had none.  So we drew the conclusion that washing hands matters."


Exit Glacier by Lucas Geertz

"When we went to Exit Glacier we learned about the watershed. It took a long time to get to the glacier, but we made it safe. We looked for macro invertebrates in the glacier stream. Some of us found some, but most did not. We think that is because it came straight from the glacier. We walked two miles to get to the glacier. It was fun. President Obama did this hike a month before we did. That is kinda cool. We all had fun I think. I hope."

How to Eat Fried Worms by Jakeup Martin

"Billy was dared to eat fifteen worms for $15 dollars. We read about his story and then we watched the movie." 

Super Reader in Fourth Grade by Nolan Boehme

"In fourth grade we've done many things, but I am going to tell you about our activities as super readers with Mrs. Stein's second-third grade class. As a super reader we've made milk move. It's behind the scenes science. We've been reading Fortunately the Milk! We've also been making a costume. So far, we have our medal, shield, and our cape. To make the cape we cut out a shirt. For the medal we drew on a cardstock circle, laminated it, and hung it from a ribbon. For the shield we glued paper to a paper plate, put foil around it to give it a metallic look, and stapled a yellow band for an arm band."

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