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We are pleased to present KPBSD’s 2015-2016 Annual Report. This publication is an opportunity to step back and review last year’s accomplishments and highlights, celebrate areas of excellence including students, staff, and graduates, as well as share plans for the new school year.

Meeting the needs of all students is at the heart of what we do and why we exist as an organization. This challenge is the top priority of over 1,000 district employees every day. Where a student lives, their background, race, or economic status should not determine their academic achievement. The district has made good progress with all of our students both academically and with social and emotional well-being. We also believe in continuous improvement. Our schools work to meet student needs and provide learning opportunities in and outside the classroom. Through a culture of continuous improvement, our vision is for all students to be life ready and be able to embark successfully on the path they choose. This includes college and, or career readiness.

I am honored to serve as KPBSD’s superintendent and look forward to working with you in the coming year to do all that we can to make our students’ experience at school as good as it can be. –Sean Dusek, Superintendent of Schools


#iAmKPBSD… excerpts

“We believe that these kids, even with little ability to express themselves, possess great potential. To actualize their potential, we as a team focused on teaching self-determination. What do the students like? What do the students need and enjoy?” The outcomes of this collaboration have provided a solid partnership between home and school, and unimaginable student growth.” –Megan Fowler, Nikiski Middle-High School #iAmKPBSD

“Through our Title I programs, Response To Intervention (RTI) program, community involvement, and top-notch staff, we continue to make it possible for all of our students to achieve—our students continue to rise to the challenge and do just that.” –Conrad Woodhead, Chapman School #iAmKPBSD

“Nikolaevsk School is proud of its high expectations for students and consistent 100% graduation rate. All students at Nikolaevsk develop SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) based on their personal academic data and lead their own student-parent-teacher conferences.” –Mike Sellers, Nikolaevsk School #iAmKPBSD

"This district is making serious headway to tackle the online and blended learning formats. It is really exciting to watch whole cohorts of teachers developing new practices to meet the needs of students. Innovative leaders and support staff are holding the doors open for teachers like me to not be bound by tradition. The question is not why do you want to do that, but instead, how can I help you do that?” –Amanda Adams, KPBSD distance learning teacher #iAmKPBSD

“It has been humbling the number of people who have come up to me and Greg to say ‘Oh, you’re the Kenai guys….’ The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is recognized worldwide as a leader in innovative and effective uses of video telecommunications!” –Rob Sparks, Soldotna Prep School #iAmKPBSD

“We put our students in front of twenty-two industry professionals interactively this semester and they all told the students they will be ahead of their peers at the next level—this validates what Rob and I are doing. Professionally every time we connect with a guest presenter or connect to another classroom everybody has to bring their A game. Lessons get better and better because in this environment we are constantly getting feedback on what worked, but also how we can make it better.” –Greg Zorbas, Kenai Central High School #iAmKPBSD

“Twenty-six years of teaching has led me to develop an instructional style that focuses on, ‘allow the eyes to see what the hands are doing and the mind is thinking.’ This proactive constructivist style is a student centered growth mindset philosophy that values hands on learning. SkillsUSA is all about being able to demonstrate skill sets that lend themselves to be Prepared-Polite-Productive. Roll it all together and you have an educational environment that is exciting, full of discovery learning, and promotes personal investment by all.” –Cam Wyatt, Homer High School #iAmKPBSD

“After attending PD conferences, I realized it was time to move forward with blended learning in my classroom even though it meant venturing into new classroom practices. I believed that blended learning would allow for better student engagement and motivation, and allow students at different math and reading abilities to receive the instruction they needed. After using this method of teaching, I cannot imagine stopping it. My students became better learners who looked forward to their daily routine and made progress at a rate best suited to each of them.” –Leigh Ray, Seward Elementary School #iAmKPBSD

“Our journey to blended learning began when data on our incoming freshmen showed that about half were below proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics. We attempted to meet those needs within our intervention systems and processes, but quickly determined that the sheer numbers were overwhelming. We knew we had to blend in order to provide the dramatic level of differentiation required to meet their needs within regular classroom instruction. It required creative scheduling, communication, and management to accommodate the shift, but the improvement data that came out of each blended learning environment demonstrated that the work was absolutely worth it.” –Trevan Walker, Seward High School #iAmKPBSD

“When principals were asked, why you would want to implement PBIS in your school, one administrator answered, “A better question might be, why not? When everyone is working towards the same goals, using the same language, and everyone has the same expectations, everything changes for the better. You can feel the difference that PBIS has made.” #iAmKPBSD  

“I am inspired by the children in my classroom. When first graders become confident readers it changes them. Every year I’m rewarded with this process when each student blossoms into a reader.” –Sharon Hopkins, Tustumena Elementary School #iAmKPBSD

“To view the world from the eyes of a child is a beautiful gift. These children inspire me to be a better version of myself every day. I am both honored and grateful to be entrusted in the nurturing of this beginning part of their journey of life’s discoveries.” –Darilynn Caston, Redoubt Elementary School #iAmKPBSD

“Every day I am inspired by the students I work with. Their persistence, resilience, and steadfastness to overcome barriers push me to be a better educator and person. I love what I do, and look forward to continuing to foster an atmosphere within our school that promotes self-determination and an appreciation for the whole person.” –James Knoebel, Soldotna High School #iAmKPBSD

“None of us get good at what we do without a little help. I work with some of the most dedicated families and professionals I know on a daily basis. I am so thankful to live and teach in a community that is as passionate about teaching the whole child as I am.” –Nickole Lyon, Seward Elementary School #iAmKPBSD

“I believe I was inspired to teach by having had good teachers when I was in public school as a child. Every once in a while, I just marvel at how much fun I have each and every day in a classroom and I think, ‘Wow! … This teaching is so much fun!’” –Patti Truesdell, Hope School #iAmKPBSD

“It is an honor to be recognized for the hard work our students and staff do each day. It is truly a team effort supported by our whole school. True inclusion rewards everyone it touches, and spreads into the community. I am proud to see the ripple effect in their self-esteem and endurance to try their best every day.” –Angela Smith, Nikiski Middle-High School #iAmKPBSD

“I am honored to be an employee of the KPBSD and absolutely love being a school counselor. My students, their parents, my colleagues and friends, my family and my school district have inspired me to always be involved and have motivated me to do my best. I love working with all students.” –Natalie Kant, Skyview Middle School #iAmKPBSD

“I am honored to be selected and proud to be a part of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and ALASBO. I’ve learned so much personally and professionally through collaboration with my colleagues in both of these organizations.” –Laurie Olson, Director of Finance #iAmKPBSD

“We at Homer Middle School strive for high academic achievement and a positive school climate and culture. Our most important achievement is building trusting relationships through a positive rapport with every student.” –Kari Dendurent, Homer Middle School #iAmKPBSD

“We value our relationship with Kenaitze Head Start and feel that we are fortunate to have their outstanding staff working with our future students. The collaboration between Kenaitze Head Start and the school district is truly about mutual welfare and benefit for the students and families on the Kenai and is part of what makes this district and community special.” –Clayton Holland, Director of Pupil Services #iAmKPBSD

“Today’s experience was clearly one that I will never forget! My student, Samantha, and I had a great conversation on the way out to Exit Glacier to meet President Obama after going through three different security checkpoints. We decided that we were going to be “sponges” and take every little bit in! We ended up meeting up with him twice. The second time included a conversation with him regarding how important National Parks are, and the amazing career of a teacher.” –Jenna Fabian, Seward Elementary #iAmKPBSD

The mission of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is to develop productive, responsible citizens who are prepared to be successful in a dynamic world.

We envision KPBSD students who engage in their learning, participate in their community, reach high levels of achievement, and graduate prepared for their future.

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