2019 Alaska Education Support Professional of the Year

She’s got goodwill and is 2019 Alaska Education Support Professional of the Year


Celebrate Suzanne Goodwill, a Quality School Tutor at Skyview Middle School who was surprised at an assembly on where she learned she is the 2019 NEA-Alaska Education Support Professional of the Year!

"I am very proud of Suzanne and what she does for our schools,” said Sean Dusek, Superintendent. “She works with individual students, groups of students, and steps in wherever she is needed to help students learn and keep the school running smoothly. Her love of students and Skyview is clear! Congratulations Suzanne! This is a well-deserved honor and it is representative of the work all of our Education Support Professionals do every day in our schools."

“Thank you to Anne McCabe and the staff and shareholders at Skyview Middle School for nominating me for the award,” said Suzanne Goodwill. “Coming to Skyview Middle every day is an absolute joy for me. I love working with our amazing students, staff and parents, and seeing the growth academically, socially, and emotionally during their two years with our staff. I am honored to represent KPBSD and the state of Alaska this next year. Thanks again for this outstanding award.”

“I have known Suzanne Goodwill for the past ten+ full school years,” said Sarge Truesdell, principal. “I hired her for a 3.5 hour a day instructional aide position despite her being a fully accredited and Alaska certified teacher. She has been an amazing asset to our school during her time here at Skyview Middle School.

Suzanne began her tenure at Skyview working as an intervention aide. She was in a small classroom helping students with their math. As the intervention department started to evolve and use data Suzanne really flourished in her role. She developed an SBA “playbook” for kids to prep for the Alaska State Assessment, which eventually helped Skyview achieve five-star status on the Alaska performance index for schools. 

Suzanne is more than just an intervention aide. Suzanne is a part of our family here at Skyview Middle School. Her friendly demeanor, her ability to build rapport with reluctant learners, and her complete and total commitment to each individual student is what had made her such an amazing support employee in our building. I believe if you asked any student in the building they would tell you that Ms. Goodwill is a teacher. She does more than any support employee I have worked with in 11 years as a middle school principal. She is invaluable to the success of our school.”