KPBSD celebrates Caleb Napier, Connections Homeschool, Class of 2019


Caleb Napier is a goal-oriented young man always on the move. The past four years in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Connections Homeschool has given him the flexibility to pursue his many personal goals, while following his passions of music, exploring other cultures, aviation, and serving others.  

Musically, Caleb is an avid violin and mandolin player, serving on his church and youth group music teams. His longing to explore other cultures has taken him to 27 countries, with a few years even living in East Africa. Caleb’s fascination with aviation began as a toddler and continues to this day. He has worked every summer during his high school years at a floatplane charter service in Homer, Alaska.

Serving others has always been a part of his life; he has served in famine zones and refugee camps across the Middle East and Africa, and is constantly engaged in activities at Glacierview Baptist Church in Homer, Alaska.

In May, Caleb graduated from KPBSD Connections Homeschool, and five weeks later he graduates with his Associate Arts Degree from Liberty University, both with a 4.0 GPA! With this phase of education completed, Caleb will continue his service to God, others, and his country through the United States Marine Corps. He is scheduled to leave for boot camp in August, with a 5-year commitment to serve in the field of aviation mechanics.

Congratulations to Caleb, and the KPBSD Class of 2019!

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