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Do you have time and interest to be a substitute in a KPBSD school? It takes a village!

21-0115 Seeking Substitutes 

KPBSD Seeks Substitutes—all types of positions are needed!

You choose when you say, "Yes, I can work!"
Teachers: certified and non-certified; Aides; Instructional Assistants; Secretaries and clerical positions; Custodians; Interpreters; Nurses; Pool Employees; Activity Bus Drivers

Can your neighborhood school recruit YOU?

Substitute Positions Total Rate of Pay Base Rate of Pay COVID Relief Pandemic Compensation
Teacher (Certified and at least 5 full years of KPBSD teaching experience) $250.00 per day $200 per day
(based on 8 hour day)
+ $50.00 per day
Teacher (Certified) $225.00 per day $190 per day
(based on 8 hour day)
+ $35.00 per day
Teacher (Non-Certified) $185.00 per day $160 per day
(based on 8 hour day)
+ $25.00 per day

Substitute Positions Total Rate of Pay
Secretary (all clerical) $15.00/hr.
Custodian/Stock Handler/Theater Crew $15.00/hr.
Deaf ed. Interpreter (Certified/Licensed) $22.00/hr.
Food Service Cashier/Kitchen Assistant/Cook/Manager $14.00/hr.
Aide/Special Education $17.00/hr.
Aide/Instructional Assistant $15.00/hr.
Tutor/Bilingual Instructor $15.00/hr.
Nurse $23.00/hr.

Temporary Positions Rate of Pay
Pool Instructor/Senior Lifeguard $17.00/hr.
Junior Lifeguard/Cashier $15.00/hr.
Temporary employee's salary placement must be pre-approved by Human Resources prior to start date Minimum wage* - $17.00/hr.
Activity Bus Driver Two times the Alaska minimum wage**

*Pursuant to Alaska Statute 23.10.065(a), the Alaska minimum wage is to be adjusted annually for inflation using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the proceeding January-December calendar year. The Alaska minimum wage increased to $10.34 effective January 1, 2021.
**Pursuant to Alaska Statute 23.10.065(b), persons employed as a school bus driver shall receive at least two times the Alaska minimum wage.

New Training Opportunity!

  • KPBSD offers one day of on the job training as soon as a substitute has completed requirements to be hired
  • Be paid while shadowing an employee currently in the position for which you may be substituting for!
  • Contact the administrator of the school or schools that you are interested in substituting at for more information. Link to School Directory

Your Future!

Substituting in the KPBSD is a great way to be ready when a permanent position opens!

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Begin at the “Substitutes”tab on the KPBSD website