Mask Up in KPBSD Schools

21-0205 Mask Up KPBSD

SmartStart plan update effective April 7, 2021

Masks will be optional for students for outdoor recess.
Masks will also be optional for outdoor classrooms activities like PE, walking field trips, etc., if 6ft physical distancing can be maintained.

  • Staff, volunteers, and visitor are required to wear masks at all times
  • Handwashing and 6ft physical distancing should continue to be taught and emphasized in all grades
  • Note: If a school is experiencing in-school transmission or high levels of COVID-19 community transmission, this option may be temporarily suspended, and masks will be required at all times

Sports, MOA's and facility usage agreements require individual mitigation plans approved through the KPBSD Planning and Operations department (KPBSD SmartStart plan pages 8-9)

KPBSD COVID web hub:

21-0205 Mask Up KPBSD

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District will continue to require face coverings for staff, students, guests, and at athletic events, in all COVID-19 risk levels (low, medium, high, extreme) until further notice.

Working together we can and will keep schools open and safe.

Visit the  KPBSD Covid-19 Hub to navigate to the data dashboard, Smart Start Plan, sports and activities, and additional links to state and KPBSD information about COVID-19 operations and mitigation plans.