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“On behalf of the entire KPBSD community I wish everyone who is leaving our district all the best! We all appreciate our dedicated staff who will depart this year. The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District celebrates the commitment and service these retiring employees contributed, each with ten or more years in the school district. Each of you has made a difference in the lives of our students, THANK YOU!” –Superintendent John O’Brien

21-0506 Happy Retirement

36years, Maria Martushev, ELL Tutor, Voznesenka School

31years, Karla Barkman, Librarian/Instructional Technology, Districtwide

31years, Celiene Turner, Custodian I, Moose Pass School

31years, Bruce Wolf, Custodian I, Kenai Middle School

31years, Linda Zimmerman, Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher, Nikiski Middle-High School

30years, Scott Anderson, English/History/Computers Teacher, Aurora Borealis Charter School

30years, Rob Sparks, Social Studies & Title IV Teacher, Soldotna High School & Distance Education

29years, Karson Dorvall, Head Custodian I, Nikolaevsk School

29years, Daniel Marshall, English/Yearbook/Drama Teacher, Seward High School

28years, Clayton Smith, Special Education Aide - IN, Homer High School

27years, Renee Estelle, Itinerant Teacher for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students, Districtwide

27years, Joe Mooney, Teacher of At-Risk Students, Marathon School

26years, Margaret Gilman, Principal, Nikiski North Star Elementary School

26years, Wade Marcuson, Science Teacher, Kenai Alternative High School

25years, Barbara Jane Allen, Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teacher, Soldotna Elementary School

25years, Dave Emery, Science Teacher, Soldotna High School

25years, Robin Thye, Title I Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Nikiski North Star Elementary School

25years, Nan Weaver, Head Custodian III, Nikiski Middle-High School

24years, Kathleen Herring, Mathematics Teacher, Kenai Central High School

23years, Tracy Jamison, 1st Grade Teacher, Soldotna Elementary School

23years, Vickie Roney, Language Arts & Art Teacher, Kenai Alternative High School

23years, Carol Sacheck, Administrative Secretary I, Connections Homeschool

23years, Olya Silver, Special Education Aide - IN, Soldotna High School

22.5years, Julie Ball, Interventionist, Aurora Borealis Charter School

22.5years, Deborah Poindexter, School Secretary III, Chapman School

22years, Scot Akers, Mathematics Teacher, Homer High School

22years, Christine Ermold, Director of Professional Learning & Federal Programs, Districtwide

22years, Marilyn Wythe, School Secretary III, Homer Middle School

21years, Karen Ruebsamen, School Counselor, Soldotna High School

20years, Gordon Pitzman, World Languages Teacher, Homer High School

19years, Stephen Dudley, Head Custodian II, Seward Middle School

19years, Kathleen Holt, 1st-3rd Grade Teacher, Soldotna Montessori Charter School

18years, Jerilee Musgrove, Storekeeper/Warehouse, Warehouse

17.5years, Melodie Epperheimer, Bookkeeper, Kenai Central High School

17.5years, Susan McLaury, Library Aide, Nikiski Northstar Elementary

17 years,Kristine Barnes, 5th Grade Teacher, Nikiski North Star Elementary School

17years, Christine Faber, Special Education Resource Teacher (LOA), Fireweed Academy

17years, Daniel Kaasa, Assistive Technology Specialist, Districtwide

16years, Kelly Brewer, Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teacher, K-Beach Elementary School

16years, Daniel Carstens, Principal, Nikiski Middle-High School

16years, Stephen Keener, Special Education Aide - IN, Soldotna High School

16years, John O'Brien, Superintendent, Districtwide

16years, Lori Stone, Special Education Aide - IN, Kenai Middle School

15years, Jennifer O'Brien, Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Nikiski Middle-High School

14.5years, Janet Bowen, School Secretary III, Fireweed Charter School

14.2years, Kimberly Hays, Intermediate Grade Teacher, Ninilchik School

14years, Holly Alston, 5th Grade Teacher, West Homer Elementary School

14years, Stephanie McDowell, Personnel Specialist - HR, Human Resources

14years, Trevan Walker, Principal, Seward High School and Seward Middle School

14years, Lori Young, Kindergarten Teacher, Soldotna Elementary School

13years, Ranada Hassemer, Interventionist/Facilitator Gifted Teacher, Redoubt Elementary School

13years, Mary Johnson, Custodian I, Aurora Borealis Charter School

13years, Dave Jones, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Support, Districtwide

13years, Theresa Salzetti, Interventionist, K-Beach Elementary School

12.5years, Steven Panarelli, Special Education Aide - IN, West Homer Elementary

12years, Mary Montgomery, Special Education Resource Teacher, Chapman School

12years, Tim Vlasak, Director of Schools & Compliance, Districtwide

11years, Glynes Gerrior, School Nurse, Nikiski Middle-High School

11years, Leora Gibbons, School Secretary II, Soldotna Montessori Charter School

11years, Jennifer Sorensen, Generalist Teacher, Kachemak-Selo School

11years, Heather Vest, School Secretary III, Kenai Middle School

10years, Brooke Ames, Special Education Aide - Resource / Job Coach, Soldotna High School

10years, Laura Beeson, School Counselor (LOA), Kenai Central High School

10years, Heather Lindquist, Intermediate Grade Teacher, West Homer Elementary School

10years, Meredith McCullough, Language Arts Teacher, Kenai Alternative High School

10years, Gary Wertz, Itinerant School Counselor, Districtwide

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