12th Grade

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INDIVIDUAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT & RESPONSIBILITYWhat responsibility do individuals have in a democratic society?

What are the rights and responsibilities of a citizen?

How are individual rights protected within the context of majority rule?
  • Voting
Rights and responsibilities of a citizen


Role of individual in politics

Fundamental ideas
  • equality
  • authority
  • power
  • freedom
  • justice
  • property
  • responsibility
TIME, CONTINUITY & CHANGEHow have the existing political, economic, legal, and social systems developed ?

What is the difference between constitutionality based ideals and the reality of everyday government?

What is the role of political parties in American government?
Origins of government
  • Natural law
  • Divine right
  • Social Contract
Articles of Confederation

Declaration of Independence

Bill of Rights

Branches of government

Political and social movements


Political Parties



Voting Trends
The United States Constitution’s evolution through amendments and Supreme Court interpretation.

The legislative process in a two party system.

Magna Carta

English Bill of Rights

John Locke

Federalists Papers
  • Thomas Paine
  • Common Sense
Thomas Jefferson

Ben Franklin

Baron de Mogtesquieu

Jean Jacques Rousseau
PEOPLE, PLACES, & ENVIRONMENTDoes the environment shape the government?

What is the impact of land and natural resources?
Federal lands
  • Economic development
  • Environmental protection
Natural Resources



Public Funding
  • Grants
Government agencies
  • States rights
Primary Documents
CULTURAL CONNECTIONSHow has culture shaped the evolution of government?

How do belief systems influence other parts of the political culture?
Political ideas in defining culture

Government’s role in shaping a nation’s culture

Impact of Immigration

Values and mores


Political Spectrum
  • Liberalism
  • Conservatism
Alaska native communities


Bill of Rights

Supreme Court Rulings

GLOBAL ECONOMICSHow are the world’s resources produced, distributed, and consumed?

How do we balance national interests with global priorities and needs?
Political Systems
  • Capitalism
  • Socialism
  • Communism
Free market economy issues:
  • Mixed economy
  • Trade
  • Labor relations
  • International law
  • Economic institutions
Global economics
  • Partisan politics
  • Dissent
  • Minority rights
  • Federalism
  • American law
  • Elections
  • Governmental systems in today’s world
Alaska economic issues

Foreign Policy:
  • United Nations
  • International conflict and cooperation
  • Executive Branch
Current Issues
POWER, AUTHORITY, GOVERNANCEWhat are the foundations and ideals of the American Democratic system?

How do local, state, and federal governments interact?

How are powers and responsibilities distributed, shared and limited in government?
* The United States Constitution
  • Separation of powers
* Federalism

* Checks and balances
  • Judicial (Supreme Court)
  • Supreme Court Decisions
  • Federal Courts
  • Legislative (Congress)
  • Congressional Acts
  • Executive (the President)
  • Executive order
  • Ordinance power
* The amendments
  • Bill of Rights
* Alaska state government
  • Laws
  • Acts
  • Sovereignty
Primary Documents