Alaska History

Alaska History
12th Grade

ThemesEssential QuestionsContentResources
INDIVIDUAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT & RESPONSIBILITYWhat are the positive and negative effects of military presence in Alaska?
Role of Military
TIME, CONTINUITY & CHANGEHow did the exploitation of natural resources impact Alaska's environment and people?

How are the effects from Russian occupation and foreign exploration still relevant in Alaska's society?

How has access to resources for Native people and the rest of the state changed over time?
Fur Trading

Gold rush

Oil boom

Russian occupation

Exploration period



PEOPLE, PLACES, & ENVIRONMENTWhat is the influence physical geography has on cultural development?

Physical features

Environment influences on Alaska's traditional cultures intercultural relationships/ communication

CULTURAL CONNECTIONSWhat similar cultural foundations can be identified in the Native cultures of Alaska?

How do the indigenous cultures of Alaska validate their existence today?

What effects did religion have on Native belief systems and communities?
Examine in-depth the cultural

components of Alaska Native groups:

- environment (location, climate, natural resources, subsistence)

- people/social systems (language, leaders, family)

- spiritual (leaders, beliefs,


- others (art, storytelling)

Explore the impacts of a dominant society on Alaska Native cultures.

Analyze the multiple belief systems in Alaska's past and present.

Tribes Federal recognition
GLOBAL ECONOMICSHow have the people, state, and country benefited from our natural resources?

What are the impacts, both positive and negative, of resource usage/development on Alaska's people?
Natural resources and their economic impact in the past, its effects on the present, and its future relevancy

Role of trade and competition
POWER, AUTHORITY, GOVERNANCEWhat are the positive and negative effects of ANCSA on Alaska's people and communities?

How has the role of government developed to accommodate Alaska's ever changing people, economy, and environment?
Compare the territorial government system to the present day state government, local government, and

community government entities.

 Examine the history and legislation of ANCSA and describe how ANCSA has

impacted the lives of all Alaskan people.

Explore other key legislation (ANCSA, English only) and its role in the changing face of Alaska.

Self Determination