Christine Ermold
Director of Professional Learning and Federal Programs

Christine Ermold, Director of Professional Learning and Federal Programs


Students in Transition Program for Homeless Children and Youth

The Students in Transition (SIT) Program originated through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act. As part of No Child Left Behind legislation, this law protects homeless students, mandating equal access to educational programs and services.

Who are Homeless Children and Youth?

Eligible children and youth are students who lack a permanent, stable, and adequate place to sleep at night. This can include students who are living in a shelter, hotel, tent, camper or car, students that are "doubled-up" with extended family members of friends because of financial difficulty, students who are couch-surfing, and those in "substandard" housing. Students may be part of a larger family unit that is in transition, or may be unaccompanied youth (youth living in a previously stated situation with without a parent or guardian).

What can the Students in Transition Program provide?

  • Immediate School Enrollment
  • Free school meal benefits
  • Transportation to and from school
  • School Supplies
  • Assistance in obtaining birth certificates
  • Referrals to local social service agencies and public programs
  • An advocate to help the student and/or family find additional resources in the community

Why participate?

Students who don't have stable housing have special challenges when it comes to school success. It is hard to learn if you are worried about your next meal, about staying warm at night, or where you'll be sleeping next. Students who frequently change schools or are frequently absent lose out on valuable learning time and often fall behind their peers. It is estimated that for every school move, a child loses as much as one semester of learning.

For parents, this can be an uncertain and stressful time. The Homeless Liaison can help parents find community resources to help meet their needs.

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For more information on the SIT Program or to see if you qualify, please contact your local liaison.

Kelly King 
Homeless Liaison - Serving Central Peninsula, Seward and Tyonek schools

Phone: 907.714.8869
Fax: 907.262.6354


Jane Dunn
Homeless Liaison - Serving Southern Peninsula and Ninilchik schools
Jane Dunn

Phone: 907.235-4664