Title I Parent Survey

We need your input to assist in our continuous efforts to improve the KPBSD Title I program.  

Please fill out this brief survey and click the Submit Form button at the bottom. 


Activities your child or children were involved in this year. Select all that apply. 


 Pre-K Questions 

1. How did you find out about the Title I Pre-K program?


If other, please explain:


2. Were you kept informed of your child's progress?


3. What opportunities did you have to be involved in the Pre-K program, or in schoolwide programs?


4. Comments/Suggestions for the Pre-K program.


Title I E-Readers 

1. Did your child participate in the E-Reader Program?


2. How often did s/he have access to an E-Reader?


3. Approximately how many minutes a day did your child read using the E-Reader?


4. What, in your opinion, was the overall impact of the E-Reader? Did it increase reading time?


Title I Tutor Support 

1. Approximately how many times through the school year did the Title I teacher contact you to share your child's progress?


If other, please explain:


2. How often did you, along with your child, use materials supplied by the Title I program at home? (Book bags, reading skills activities, etc.)


If other, please explain:


3. How would you rate the quality of the take-home materials?


4. How often do you read with your child?


If other, please explain:

 minutes,  times a week

5. Were you provided suggestions or assistance to help establish homework routines?


6. Have you established a regular homework routine?


7. Were you encouraged to become involved in school decision-making committees such as the Title I Committee or Site Based Council?


8. Comments - Suggestions