Beginning Band Grades 5-6

This course is open to all students who wish to learn to play a band instrument. Students will gain knowledge of and learn basic skills on band instruments as well as learn the general elements of music.

    Performing and Creating
1, 5   a. Perform in scheduled concerts, festivals, and other musical events.
2, 3   b. Play instruments with proper posture, articulations, fingerings, and embouchure.
    History and Culture
 1-922, 3, 5a. Experience and perform a variety of music of various eras, styles, and forms.
    Evaluation and Analysis
3   a. Demonstrate proper care and maintenance of instruments.
2, 3   b. Learn the fundamentals of music notation: note and rest values, articulations, simple meters, rhythm, dynamics, tempos, note names, time and key signatures, and scales.
5   c. Recognize and demonstrate individual competency in an ensemble setting.
    Aesthetic Perception
2   a. Develop and maintain an individual practice discipline for self-enrichment.
 1-9  b. Attend various musical events.

• Concert performance
• Mastery of assigned literature
• Participation
• Practice reports
• Progress reports and report cards
• Rehearsal discipline
• Self-evaluation
• Teacher evaluation of overall performances
• Technical proficiency