Career Awareness Summary

Kindergarten - High School

KFamilyResponsibilities at Home and SchoolDecisionsSchool
1Individuals in the Home and SchoolSelf-ImportanceChoicesHome and School
2Getting Along With OthersCapabilities and LimitationsAlternativesBasic Skills
3Community LeadersAttitudesSteps in ProcessSchool Skills and Work
4Work and HomeSuccessSetting GoalsIndividual Differences
5Advantages and DisadvantagesRights and ResponsibilitiesDaily DecisionsIndividual Environment Others
6Responsibility for Human EffortStrengths and WeaknessesYou – Home– SocietyCooperation with Others
7Appreciation for Human EffortInterest and AbilityResponsibility for OutcomeSubjects – Career Clusters
8Family LivingSpecial TalentsCourse SelectionsPractical Application
9RealisticNeed of a PlanPlanning HandbookSelf-Directed Search
HSValue of WorkSelf-ImageDecisionsPractical

KFamily and School WorkersNeeds and LuxuriesPersonal ToolsCooperation
1Home, School and City WorkersGoods ServicesSchool and Job ToolsRules
2Needs of SocietyExchange SystemCommunicationAttitudes
3Local OpportunitiesEarning, Spending, Investing, SavingMath and Language Art ToolsConflicts
4ClustersGoods or ServicesAccuracyCooperation
5Value SystemSupply and DemandPrecisionEnvironment
6Cluster IdentificationInterdependenceApplication of ToolsMorale
7Individual ValuesMoney ManagementGood Work HabitsDependability
8Learn a SkillRewards of TrainingPhysical Mental SkillsGetting Along
9Looking AheadConsumer EducationSkills NecessaryRelationships
HSLife StyleTraining and BenefitsObtaining SkillsNo Free Lunch