Suggested Adapted P.E. Supplies

Nerf balls
Yarn balls-soft ball size, 1 per person
Bean bags
Large balls
Brightly colored balls
Beach balls - all sizes
Balloons, minimum 1 per person
Gertie balls
Rubber dots, square, circles
Brighter, slower hockey pucks
Bright socks to cover hockey sticks
Racquets w/larger heads
High density foam ping pong balls
Larger ping pong paddles
Bells - all sizes
Pictures of activities
Scooter - large for whole body
Mitts w/Velcro
Scratch game - Velcro ball and paddles
Ankle weights - light
Dyna bands
Brightly colored tape
Carpet squares
Hoops - all sizes
String, rope
Bright scarves
Light bats
Striking implements w/short handles
Striking implements w/larger hitting surface
Brightly colored birdies
Slower moving birdies
Nerf sports sets
Shaped mats (wedge, cylinder, etc.)
Seats for hanging ropes
Rice, barley beads
Large cones
Large, bright targets
Koosh balls and paddles
Light hand weights
Tension bands
Rubber tubing
Brightly colored tennis shoes