Aquatics Assessment

 Water Adjustment & TurnsBuoyancy and BreathingWater Entry and ExitLocomotionPersonal Safety
6Flip turn for front crawl. Speed turn for breaststroke.Bilateral breathing.Approach and huddle on a diving board. Jump tuck from diving board.F crawl, 100yd, 1 turn, B crawl. 100 yd, 1 turn. Breast S, 25yd, Side S, 24yd. Butter fly 10yd, Approach S, 25 yd.Pike/tuck surface dive. Alternative kicks for treading water. Throw rescue tube. Roll spinal injury.
5Open front turn. Open back turn.Alternate breathing.Stride jump entry. Diving from the diving board. Long shallow dive.Breast S, 10yd. Side S, 10yd. Underwater, 3 body lengths. Dolphin kick w/ board, 10yd. F crawl/B. crawl, 50 yd.Pool safety. Reducing spinal injury. Hip shoulder support. Feet first dive, Tread water, 2 min.
4Deep water bobbing. Rotary breathing. Intro to wall turning.Deep water bobbing. Rotary breathing.Dive from side of pool from stride and standing positions.Ele. Backstroke, 10 yd. Sculling, 15 sec. Front crawl, 25 yd. Back crawl, 25 yd. Breast S, 10yd. Side S, 10 yd.Tread water with a variety of kicks and arm movements. Learn rescue breathing.
3Retrieve object, eyes open, no support. Bob in water slightly over head to travel to a safe area.Bob, submerging head completely. Slightly bob in water to safety area.Jump into deep water from poolside. Dive from side of pool from kneeling and compact position.Prone/supine glide. Coord crawl/back crawl for 10 yds. Reverse directions swim back/front. Reverse directions, f/b.Tread water. Jump in to deep water with PFD. Help/Huddle positions, 1 min. Open airway.
2Hold breath and fully submerge head for 3 seconds. Retrieve objects in chest high water.Prone/supine float, unsupported for 5 sec. Level off to a vertical position. Rhythmic breathing w/ or w/out support.Step from the side into chest deep water and recover to a vertical position. Get out at side of pool.Flutter kick on front and back. Combined stroke on front and back, using kick and choice of arm movements. Five yards.Float in PFD with face out of the water.
1Fully submerge face for 3 seconds.Support float on both front and back. Can blow bubbles.Enter and exit shallow water independently using ladder or steps.Walk five yards in chest deep water. Supported kicking on front and back.Wear PFD on deck and enter shallow water.
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