Physical Education Grade K

Motor Skills       
Demonstrate clear contrasts between slow and fast movement while traveling.• Tag games
• Animal walks
Kick a stationary ball using a smooth continuous running step.• Tumbling
• Bean bag skills
Maintain momentary stillness bearing weight on a variety of body parts.• Racquets/paddles and balloons    
Change direction quickly in response to a signal.• Beach balls/nerf balls/playground balls    
Roll sideways without hesitating or stopping.     
Travel in forward and sideways directions using a variety of locomotor skills (e.g., skip, hop, jump, gallop, leap, slide, run, walk).• Hula hoops    
Walk and run using mature form.     
Identify different movement patterns and body parts (e.g., over/under, behind, alongside, and through).• Simon Says
• Follow the Leader
Identify and use a variety of relationships with objects, such as dribbling, jumping rope (e.g., over/under, behind, alongside, through).• Various tag games    
Identify and begin to utilize the technique employed (leg flexion) to soften the landing in jumping.     
Physical Education - Grade: Kindergarten
Active Living       
Participate regularly in vigorous physical activity.• Obstacle course  
Recognize that physical activity is good for personal well being.• Relays  
Identify feelings that result from participation in physical activities.• Tumbling (log roll, egg roll)  
Physical Fitness       
Sustain moderate to vigorous physical activity.• Heart beat check before, during, and after physical activity   
Be aware of heart beating fast during physical activity.     
Personal and Social Skills       
Know the rules for participating in physical education class.• Parachute activities    
Work in a group setting without interfering with others.• Games such as tag, red light/green light, following the rules that apply    
Respond to teacher signals.      
Respond appropriately to rule reminder.     
Follow directions given to the class for an all-class activity.     
Handle equipment safely by putting it away when not in use.      
Take turns using a piece of equipment.     
Transfer “rules of the gym” to other areas of the school.     
Value of Exercise       
Enjoy participation alone and with others.• Parachute activities    
Choose playmates without regard to personal differences (e.g., race, gender, disability).• Games that rotate partners frequently
• Relay activities