High School Course Overview

The focus of the high school physical education program is to promote healthy living and knowledge of lifetime activities. Students will take the responsibility for and apply their learning to their personal lifetime health and wellness. To meet the National Standards and benchmarks and make fitness for life a priority, a minimum of two credits of physical education throughout their high school experience is recommended. Current KPBSD graduation requirements include one credit of physical education.

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The required course will provide a variety of well-rounded movement experiences designed to increase student knowledge and skills about their physical well-being. Students will be provided opportunities to make appropriate choices in their pursuit of positive, enjoyable, life-long recreational and fitness activities. This course is required for one semester for all 9th – 10th grade students and is a prerequisite for all other physical education courses at the high school level. The curriculum is designed to give students the confidence and motivation to improve and maintain an active, healthy body, mind, and lifestyle; and to pursue the challenges of new physical activities throughout their lives.

Electives (One Semester Required)

The elective activities of Physical Education are chosen for their unique contribution to the development of a well-rounded student. The particular activity is not the end goal, but is the vehicle through which a mindset of lifetime fitness is instilled. Rather than have a separate course for each individual activity, three courses are available which encompass all. In this standards-based curriculum, the standards are set forth and the teacher chooses the activities that will be used in the course to meet the standards. The three courses available are

Movement and Activity Physical Training Individual/Dual/Team Activities
This course is designed to introduce and provide opportunities for all students to participate in a wide variety of activities to enhance fitness through various movement forms. This course emphasizes self-improvement and further development of individual skills leading to lifetime personal fitness. These activities will enhance the student's knowledge of physiology, endurance, and strength development. The emphasis in this course is continuation of conditioning, refining skills, and becoming proficient in a variety of recreational activities, whereby the student will continue these activities past his/her high school years.