Lifetime Activities and Healthy Living

I. Fitness
A. Aerobic activities
B. Components of a workout
C. Fitness walking
D. Strength conditioning
E. Stress management

II. Individual and dual sports
A. Badminton
B. Bowling
C. Cross country skiing
D. European handball
E. Golf
F. Kayaking
G. Pickleball
H. Racquetball
I. Table tennis
J. Tennis
K. Track and field
L. Tumbling
M. Wrestling

III. Team activities
A. Australian rules football
B. Basketball
C. Broomball
D. Cricket
E. Field hockey
F. Floor hockey
G. Ice hockey
H. Lacrosse
I. Soccer
J. Softball
K. Team handball
L. Volleyball

IV. Rhythms
A. Aerobic dance
B. Creative dance
C. Folk/line dance
D. Social/contemporary dance
E. Square dance

VI. Other activities
A. Circus arts
B. Cycling
C. Ice skating
D. Martial arts
E. Native Youth Olympics
F. Rollerblading
G. Self defense
H. Speedball
I. Ultimate games

VII. Aquatics (optional)
A. Boat safety
B. Diving
C. Five basic strokes
D. Red Cross First Aid/CPR
E. Swimming fitness
F. Water games