Lifetime Activities and Healthy Living (Required)

Motor Skills       
Demonstrate a variety of proficient swimming strokes.• Five basic swimming strokes   
Use a variety of clubs competently to play a round of golf.• Basic technique with drivers, long and short irons, and putters when rotating through stations   
Become competent with a variety of social dance forms.    
With an opponent, keep an object in play several times over the net in a racquet game.• Proper footwork for a waltz with a partner  
Play a game of volleyball using all the basic skills and strategies of the sport.• Receiving and returning difficult shots in a racquet game  
Properly load and fit a backpack.• Control of a volleyball with the forearm pass and overhead pass (i.e., videotaping)     
Demonstrate a forward safety roll.• Properly distributing the weight of 10 given items, based on thedesign of the backpackw Basic forward roll, adapting thisskill to a variety of settings   

Suggested Assessments
  • Rubric to assess the components of the front crawl stroke
  • Rubric to assess proper technique, control of distance, and proper alignment to the ball when chipping to a target from a short distance
  • Teacher observation
  • Observation of a partner in a game of badminton, identifying skills that assist in successfully returning shots
  • 5 K backpacking trip: after each kilometer, assess comfort, stability, and load shift of the pack, writing a brief summary of the experience regarding load and style of backpack
Perform a variety of dance forms (e.g., folk, country, social, and creative) with fluency and in time to accompaniment.• Videotaping the performance of a cartwheel  
Apply biomechanical concepts and principles to analyze and improve performance of self and others in a variety of activities.• Recording pulse upon completing the mile, at one and five minute recovery, and documenting this information for 4-6 weeks  
Describe and demonstrate the significance of some basic physiological principles to the development of a personal fitness program.• Be introduced to a wide variety of dance forms    

Suggested Assessments
  • Demonstration of appropriate dance for teacher-selected music
  • Self-analysis of cartwheel performance from video, making corrections and applying biomechanical concepts and principles
  • Interpretation of data collected during a 4-6 week running program for physiological change
Active Living       
Participate in health-enhancing *activities that can be pursued in the community.• Comprehensive plan to participate in one leisure, recreational, or competitive community *activity throughout life    
Analyze and evaluate personal fitness profile.• Physical fitness testing several times throughout the course, recording scores for each test on a master score sheet    
Identify personal behavior that does and does not support a healthy lifestyle.• Recording past 24 hours of activity in hourly increments ,including things such as nutrition, work, leisure, and sleep for three days    
Analyze and compare health and fitness benefits derived from various physical activities.• Recording activity (e.g., running, team sport, dual sport) and heartrate before, during, and immediately after the activity for a specific period of time    

*See list of “outside of school” activities in appendix

Suggested Assessments
  • Class presentation defending chosen lifetime activity
  • Comprehensive plan addressing the physical, social, emotional, and financial demands of the chosen activity
  • Analysis and evaluation of fitness data and personal fitness profile with goal setting and self evaluation
  • Identifying personal behaviors that do and do not support a healthy lifestyle as well as strategies to eliminate unhealthy behaviors
  • Plot of heart rate (before, during, and after various activities) for 9 weeks with heart rate on one axis, data on the other
  • Interpretation of graph
Physical Fitness       
Assess personal fitness status in terms of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition.• “Fitness Concepts Notebook” containing definitions, descriptions, activities, and training principles that enhance the components of physical fitness     
Design and implement a personal fitness program.• Log or diary of physical activity for seven consecutive days    
Meet personal fitness goals after a period of training.• Target heart rate determination, monitoring performance   

Suggested Assessments
  • Notebook evaluation
  • Log/diary evaluation and comparison to recommended exercise requirements (minimum of twenty minutes three times per week)
  • Heart rate chart and evaluation
Personal and Social Skills       
Demonstrate leadership by holding self and others responsible for following safe practices, rules, procedures, and etiquette in all physical activity settings.• Participation in an activity/match, following proper game etiquette     
Respond to potentially explosive interactions with others by mediating and settling conflicts.• Leaders diffusing conflict during competition     
Recognize the influence of age, disability, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and culture while engaged in physical activity.• Students of all abilities leading warm-up activities     

Suggested Assessments
  • Teacher evaluation of feasibility and fitness value of activities from student developed list of lifetime activities
  • Teacher observation of badminton match for proper game etiquette
  • Student observation and evaluation of conflict resolution skills
  • Evaluation of game from a sportsmanlike perspective by participants and officials
Value of Exercise       
Enjoy the challenge of working hard to improve skills and feel satisfaction when personal goals are met.• Listing reasons to participatein physical activity (e.g., health, enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and social interaction)     
Explain why participation in physical activities is enjoyable and desirable.• Creation of a pamphlet on the health benefits of physical activity     

Suggested Assessments
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Rubric for health benefits of pamphlet