Movement and Activity

Motor Skills       
Demonstrate a selected group of dance steps to the waltz/foxtrot.• Videotaping a performance of selected dance steps  
Perform a variety of balance poses in yoga (e.g., forearm handstand)• Striking a variety of balanceand strength poses, making corrections as necessary   
Demonstrate a number of steps and turns to music or rhythm accompaniment.• Execution of dance components in correct rhythm to selected music   

Suggested Assessments
  • Rubric for dance step performance
  • Teacher evaluation of techniques in balance and strength poses
  • Teacher observation
Demonstrate several skills in tumbling before explaining biomechanical principles that govern the movement.• Tumbling activitiesw Personal plan for improve ment in a movement activity, setting goals and charting progress for one semester   
Design a long-term plan for self-improvement in a movement activity.• Couples performing selected dance components   
Use internal and external information to modify movement during performance.    

Suggested Assessments
  • Presentation to classmates describing how tumbling movements can be applied to other sports related activities
  • Self-evaluation of progress toward specified goals
  • Student rubric to evaluate two couples performing
Active Living       
Participate regularly in physical activities that contribute to the attainment of and maintenance of personal physical activity goals.• One week log and pie chart ofdaily routine pertaining to physical activity 
Willingly participate in games, sports, dance, outdoor pursuits, and other physical activities that contribute to the attainment of personal goals and the maintenance of wellness.• Community *activities (e.g., creative dance, square dance club), setting up post activity goals 
Identify the effects of age, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and culture upon physical activity preferences and participation.• Research on ethnic dances from selected countries, teaching a dance to peers    

*See list of “outside of school” activities in appendix

Suggested Assessments
  • Log/diary comparison to the minimum of twenty minutes of vigorous activity three days per week
  • Assessment of progress, making adjustments after conferring with instructor
  • Evaluation by classmates of ethnic dance taught based on enjoyment and aerobic activity
Physical Fitness       
Maintain appropriate levels of cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition necessary for a healthful lifestyle.• Pulse monitoring before, during, or one minute after a jump rope activity, charting data over a three week period  
Understand health benefits of movement activities (e.g., dance, rope jumping).• Research paper on the health benefits of a movement activity    

Suggested Assessments
  • Data evaluation to determine fitness improvement
  • Teacher evaluation
Personal and Social Skills       
Set team goals for activity and work toward achievement.• Teacher feedback and suggestions to help student achieve goals   
Encourage others to apply appropriate etiquette in movement activity settings.• Evaluation of the activity space for possible restrictions and injury hazards    
Create a safe environment for own skill practice, including the safety of others.• Researching and learning a local Native dance     
Display a willingness to experiment with movement activity of other cultures.• Group activity choosing a physical disability and modifying a movement activity to accommodate this disability    
Develop strategies for including persons of diverse background and abilities in movement activities.• Participation in an activity, following proper game etiquette and showing respect for others    
Develop respect for individual similarities and differences through interaction among participants in physical activity.     

Suggested Assessments
  • Self-evaluation of behavior during a physical activity related to goal
  • Teacher and student evaluation of modifications of appropriate behavior
  • Evaluation of performance related to the importance of the dance in their culture by a Native elder
  • Rubric to identify appropriate/inappropriate behaviors
  • “Behavior rubric” to assess fellow classmates
Value of Exercise       
Enjoy learning new activities.• Promotional brochure /presentation /advertisement /video to encourage other students to begin an activity    
Understand the fitness value of recreational activity.• Interscholastic club activity     
 • Involvement in physical education class with goal of activity becoming a lifetime activity      

Suggested Assessments
  • Student evaluation of brochure