Materials List

Materials List
Elementary K-3
Literature/Supplemental Materials(Each school selected own student materials)
Elementary 4
Our Country's RegionsMacmillan/McGraw-Hill (2003)
Elementary 5
Our NationMacmillan/McGraw-Hill (2003)
Elementary 6
Alaska: A land In MotionNancy Warren Ferrell (2001)
Alaska Through the YearsKPBSD Homer Intermediate School
Middle School 7
Ancient Civilizations (6th grade text)Harcourt Brace (2002)
Middle School 8
Call to Freedom: Beginnings to 1877Holt (2003)
Secondary 10
World History: Continuity and ChangeHolt (1999)
World History (Spielvogel)Glencoe (2003)
Secondary 11
The Americans: Reconstruction through the 20th CenturyMcDougalLittlel (2002)
Secondary 12
McGruder's American GovernmentPrentice Hall (2003)
American GovernmentGreat Source (2000)