Vocational - Technical Education Consortium of States Standards

V701 Manufacturing Core Task List
C.5.01Comply with shop and equipment safety rules

V702 Duties/Tasks and Standards for Electronics Engineering Technology

V704 Management Core Task List
S-13A secure, safe and healthy work place must be provided for all employees and customers. Procedures for reporting accidents, for emergencies, for handling thefts and other issues necessary to comply with occupational health and safety practices and regulations, must be written and distributed to all employees. Step by step procedures must be readily available for quick reaction by all employees. Any reports necessary must be filled out without error and provided to the appropriate person for review and action.

V706 Manufacturing Core Standards

Business Planning and Operation - Given acceptable minimum industry practices in the following areas, analyze markets locally and globally, select products that fit with goals and objectives of company, put in place business systems and reporting mechanisms to ensure quality and efficiency goals are obtained. Select and train properly skilled personnel to run manufacturing facilities, and put in place mechanisms that search for continuous improvement by:

  1. Demonstrated ability to analyze social, cultural, and governmental landscapes;
  2. Demonstrated ability to think critically and logically when assessing "what-ifs";
  3. Demonstrated ability to perform estimating and quotation tasks;
  4. Demonstrated ability to relate/translate ideas into real products and services;
  5. Demonstrated ability to perform risk assessments;
  6. Demonstrated negotiation skills; and
  7. Demonstrated ability to work with different time horizons in generating business plan.