Dave Jones
Assistant Superintendent

Dave Jones 2015

Instructional Support

Organizational Chart


The responsibility of the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support is to manage instructional support operations of the school district including finance, health care, facility planning, custodial care, transportation, food services, warehouse, purchasing, risk management and community theater.

In addition the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support may serve as a member of the District's Instructional Leadership Team, provide leadership on instructional issues, and supervise assigned student matters.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:(other duties may be assigned)

  • Supervises Directors for Finance, Information Services, and Operations.
  • Serves as the KPBSD Health Care Plan Administrator with supervision over the Health & Benefits Manager.
  • Assists in the development of District Policies and Administrative Regulations.
  • Serves as the District's liaison with Charter Schools.
  • Develops and oversees the District Emergency Action Plan.
  • Assists with employee issues.
  • Negotiates lease agreements with agencies or organizations using school facilities.
  • Oversees transportation.
  • Provides coordination between the borough maintenance and public works departments and the school district.
  • Develops and oversees MOA's, MOU's and contracts with the district.
  • Oversees risk management for the District.