KPBSD Trimathlon Challenge

KPBSD Trimathlon Challenge(3)

When: Thursday, May 02, 2019 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Where: Mt. View Elementary



                                    3 Rounds (20 minutes each)

                                    1 team member

                                    90 minutes (includes breaks)


Brain Busting Word Problems

                                    1 Round consisting of 10 word problems

                                    1 team member

                                    30 minutes


Prime Factorization

                                    1 Round with problems of mixed difficulty

                                    1 team member

                                    30 minutes


Lightning Round

                                    All team members

                                    30 minutes    


Thursday, May 2nd , Proposed Agenda

9:30-9:45             Registration

9:45-10:00           Welcome

10:00-10:30          Round 1


                                      Brain Busting Word Problems


10:45-11:15          Round 2


                                      Prime Factorization


11:30-12:00          Lunch and Recess

12:00-12:30          Round 3



12:45-1:15            Lightning Round


1:15-1:30              Clean Up and recess for students

1:30                      Awards


Overview and Guidelines

Teams can consist of 2 to 4 students, grades 4th through 6th, with exceptions made per individual to include 3rd graders.  One team member should be the chess expert.  The competitor for word problems and prime factorization can be 2 distinct team members or the same team member.  The lightning round includes all team members, i.e. chess, word problems and prime factorization, and can include additional team members who only participate in the lightning round.  No team can exceed 4 members.  Each school can bring up to 3 teams.  Coaches/chaperones are solely responsible for the supervision of students when they are not in a competition round. 


Chess 3 Games (20 minutes each), 1 team member

At the end of 20 minutes calculate your score as follows:

Add the points for the pieces you captured (see below).  Add the total points together.  If you or your opponent is in checkmate, ask a proctor to confirm.  Do not clear the board after calculating your score before a proctor initials your score.  When your score has been confirmed, reset the board.  A break time will be announced while proctors configure the next round.

Points for pieces you captured:

Points per piece

Points Earned




Rook (Castle)












Additional Points





















Brain Busting Word Problems 30 Minutes, 1 team member           

One team member will compete in this event.  Competitors are asked to answer 10- multi-step word problems. 

For examples go to: or google Math Olympiad type questions. 


Prime Factorization 30 Minutes, 1 team member

Competitors will use prime factorization to factor a number.  Problems for this round will be of mixed difficulty.  All answers should be given in simplest form.  The method of factorization is up to each competitor.  Points will be awarded for correct answers in simplest form.  For example:  Ladder Method

2 486

  3  243

  3  81

  3  27

   3  9


Correct answer:  The prime factorization for the number 486 is 2 X 35. 

The following would not be considered a correct answer:  3 X 3 X 3 X 2 X 3 X 3.


Lightning Round 30 Minutes, all team members (up to 4).

The lightning round is a head on competition of math knowledge and speed.  This event is a fast paced, math skills, and problem solving challenge.  All teams will compete AT THE SAME TIME with team members working together to answer problems.  There are 20 problems worth 5 points each in this event. 



Individual Events Awards: 

First Place: Chess, Word Problems, Prime Factorization.

Second Place: Chess, Word Problems, Prime Factorization.

Third Place: Chess, Word Problems, Prime Factorization.


Team Awards:

Lightning Round

First, Second, and Third Place

Grand Champions

First, Second, and Third Place


Kristen Marrow