School Safety Update

D. Peterson 7/15/99

School Safety Update

A meeting was held on July 12, 1999, regarding efforts regarding School Safety. Present were Patrick Hickey, Donna Peterson, Ed McLain, Gary Lamb, Nancy Boardman.

The following talking points are a result of that meeting and are an effort to help educate all employees and the public regarding the status of school safety issues in our District.

  1. Cameras installed at three locations have resulted in reduced vandalism. Three more schools are slated to receive cameras during the 1999-2000 school year.
  2. During the 1999-2000 school year, schools will be required to follow the District template for Critical Incident Plans.
  3. After a spring, 1999, meeting with all principals and law enforcement agencies, secondary principals are meeting individually with their local law enforcement unit to review school layout, access, and security issues.
  4. The policy on school visitors will be reviewed and enforced. The policy requires visitors to register at the school office. Also- Borough employees working at the sites are now wearing badges.
  5. Individual schools will be addressing their procedures for school entry – determining which accesses could be locked.
  6. Critical incident training for administrators will continue to be a focus during administrator meetings.

The risk management committee will explore a possible incentive program for schools who are successful in reducing their vandalism claims.