Kenai Conversation and Transition Information

Committee Members
  • John Cook, Sears Principal, Facilitator
  • Doris Cannon, Director of Elementary Ed & Curriculum
  • Laurie Wood, Human Resource Administrative Secretary (notetaker )
  • Jim Dawson, Mt. View Principal
  • Cindy Thomas, Sears Teacher
  • Berni Wensley, Mt. View Staff Member
  • Tina Patterson, Sears Parent
  • Trudy Jones, Mt. View Parent Community
  • Kimb Remsen, Sears Secretary
  • Koreena Ortiz, Mt. View Support Staff
General Information

Kenai Conversation Process
Kenai Conversation School Board Worksession (Presented to the Board on 1/15/07)
Kenai Conversation Recommendation (Presented at 2/19/07 School Board meeting)
Letter from Joe Arness, Kenai Transition Facilitator

Sub-committee Documents

Physical Committee Meeting (1-3 merged) (pdf)
Human Resources Meeting (1-2 merged) (pdf)
Functional Committee Meetings (1-3 merged) (pdf)
 Physical Committee Meeting 4 (pdf)
Human Resources Meeting 3 (pdf)
Functional Committee Meeting 4 (pdf)

Transition Committee Meeting Agendas and Notes
(meetings are held at Mt. View Elementary, 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Date Agenda Minutes
February 22, 2007 PDF Icon
February 27, 2007 PDF Icon
March 6, 2007 PDF Icon PDF Icon
March 13, 2007 PDF Icon
March 27, 2007PDF Icon PDF Icon
April 3, 2007PDF Icon PDF Icon
April 10, 2007PDF Icon PDF Icon
April 17, 2007PDF Icon PDF Icon
April 24, 2007PDF Icon PDF Icon
May 8, 2007PDF Icon PDF Icon