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Parents or guardians, apply online for 2020-2021 school year free or reduced meal benefits. The application process is streamlined through the new state online portal at
Meal benefits from the 2019-2020 school year will carry over until October 5, 2020, but a new application must be received by KPBSD Student Nutrition Services by then, or students will revert to a paid meal status.

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Pre-order Form For Meals Student Nutrition Services goals are to:
  • Enhance students ability to learn by providing nutritionally sound and appealing meals.
  • Maintain fiscal integrity of the program and eliminate the need for financial assistance from the District's general fund.
  • To become recognized as a part of the educational day within the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

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The KPBSD Student Nutrition Services team is proud to be providing thousands of breakfast and lunches each year to the eager students that are our guests in 32 sites across the Kenai Peninsula.

We are pleased to offer a variety of appropriate meals to the growing bodies and minds of KPBSD students. As we introduce more whole grains, pastas, fruits and vegetables where possible, we invite your input for menu development.

We accept applications for free or reduced priced meals at any time during the school year. We encourage potential applicants to take advantage of this USDA program as an important support to a child's success in the classroom.

Diane Buchanan, Student Nutrition Services Supervisor - 907.714.8890 - 139 Park Avenue, Soldotna, AK 99669.  

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The Student Nutrition Services (SNS) department for KPBSD is pleased to prepare and serve breakfast and lunch offerings that are both appealing and nutritious for growing minds and bodies.

KPBSD-SNS is a proud sponsor of USDA-United States Department of Agriculture-breakfast and lunch programs. As a sponsor that receives USDA financial support, we are responsible for supporting USDA nutrition requirements and guidelines.

Our menu development and meal offerings are built with these guidelines as a base.

These guidelines include measurements of calories, nutrients, meal patterns and menu entrees and menu items.The guidelines vary according to student age. Other influences on KPBSD menu offerings include:

  • Student Preference
  • KPBSD Wellness Policy
  • The availability of USDA commodity provisions
  • Current pricing of distributor foods supplies
  • Labor expense associated with preparation of menued foods
  • Seasonal availability of fresh fruits and vegetables also influence menu offerings.
  • SNS responsibility to limit meal program expenses to the revenue received from federal reimbursements and cash sales of meals and ALA Carte services.

USDA nutrient guidelines include target measurements of calories, iron, calcium, vitamin A, and Vitamin C, total fat, protein, and saturated fat.

Our KPBSD meal programs operate under USDA "Offer vs Serve" guidelines.

The student can select all the menued foods OFFERED on a daily menu. The student has the option to SELECT only the entree and one other item to qualify as an appropriate complete meal.

For students interested in consuming a level of calories beyond the offered meal items, most KPBSD meal programs make Ala Carte items available for sale.

For more information regarding USDA sponsored National School Lunch Programs and National School Breakfast Programs, the following links are provided: